Remedial therapy involves all those actions that help children with learning disabilities to overcome their difficulties. Remedial therapy is usually taken on one to one or three to four children with one teacher. We take the informal assessment of the child and then the decision where the child stands or what are his difficulties and then decide on the best way to remediate.

Every child learns in a different way and it is very important to understand this. We try to find out which way or the method the child will learn best and try to give the best to the child. Once the child overcomes the problems, we take up his school academics and then work on the child with school syllabus but in a remedial manner. Interventional strategies are decided and then we start working on it.

The child may need phonemic awareness skill, vocabulary development, grammar skills or mental calculations. Whatever the area of difficulty, we start working on it. Remedial therapists make use of various remedial aids and methods and advise teachers and parents on ways to assist the students concerned.

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