Audiblox is a structured multisensory brain-training program that accelerates learning by sharpening attention and concentration, developing accurate perception, improving memory and promoting logical thinking. Audiblox also improves reading, spelling, and writing, and is effective for a variety of learning difficulties including dyslexia and dysgraphia. Audiblox is indispensable in the remedial education program. In cases of reading, spelling, or writing problems, astounding results can be obtained through regular and continued use of Audiblox

Foundational skills addressed by Audiblox includes:

  •  Concentration
  •    Accurate perception
  •    Visual discrimation of color, form, size, and position
  •    Visual / auditory /sequential memory
  •    Short term / long term /working memory
  •    Concepts of numbers
  •    Reasnoing / logical thinking
  •    Fine motor / Gross motor / Sensor-motor coordination

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