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The ILM Counselling Centre at is to promote the mental health of all our students, to improve their quality of life and create a learning environment that facilitates their individual development. As specialists working with students, our staff can help you address whatever it is that may be of concern to you and is affecting your well being.

The Counsellors help the students in their day- to- day concerns and also enhance their overall functioning. Workshops on topics relevant to increasing the capacities of the students are regularly conducted by the Counsellors.


Assessments are done with prior appointment. IQ is determined. Learning disability test is done and other behavioural assessments are also done to know the student better.

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Psychological Assessment

  • This evaluation may include cognitive assessments, look at emotional and behavioral concerns, and measures of adaptive functioning. Cognitive assessments measure a student’s intellectual abilities. It gives general information relative to other students the same age. The test shows how well he problem solves, how he best interprets information (visual, auditory, etc.), and measures other areas such as memory and speed of processing information. These assessments have an overall IQ score, which is comprised of various scales.
  • Educational Assessment: This is an assessment that compares a student’s academic functioning with other students of the same age. The test usually focuses on Reading, Writing, Math, and Oral Language. It looks at several areas within each major area. For example, in reading there will be a subtest measuring comprehension, recognizing site words, and speed of reading.