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From Director Desk

As the founding Director of ILM, it is my honor and privilege to work toward meeting the mission by providing support, training and overall round development and personality of students. I bring to this position my passion for teaching and training students and my commitment toward supporting diverse learning and student success. It is the collaboration, however, with a competent, qualified faculty and administration that can turn this mission into a reality. Institute of Learning Methods is a learning centre where students, teachers, parents and staff maintain high expectations which encourage children to grow into productive citizens with a passion for lifelong learning.

It is truly my honor to serve the children. We serve children with learning problems and who have been struggling in their class to cope up with the syllabus. We give them the confidence to deal with day to day struggles of life. We have excellent programs that prepares students for a world class education. We also hope to tap the creative potential that is in each child, no matter how young, and spur our students to accomplish for themselves, all that God intended for each one of them as individuals. We have fun as we grow, learn, and discover “who we really are”.



  • INSTITUTE OF LEARNING METHODS is a centre for children with learning problems. Children with normal IQ and are facing academic and learning difficulties are given remedial training here. Specialised programs are run to enhance their development and overcome their learning problems. Children are taught to deal with this learning difficulty and become competent in the school.
  • ILM is working for children with learning disabilities who are dyslexic and also children with borderline intelligence category. These children are not able to cope up in normal school and much above the mentally retarded group. For these children ILM runs an ILM Open School where these children are given syllabus according to their level.
  • ILM gives services like remedial training, counselling, educational and psychological assessment.
  • ILM came into existence on June 7, 2007 and was founded by Kausar Imran, who is now a special educator and a clinical psychologist. She is trained in lot of programs specially designed for these children like audiblox, brain gym, and Feuerstein instrumental enrichment program. The issue of learning disability touched her very much and she started working for these children and trying to give them their lost confidence.
  • Our Mission is to make these children competent in the society and to make them successful and confident in life. We wish to reach out to every child with specific learning disability and help them in independent in life. We help them in improving their all round development.

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